Important: please read.

With the new data laws commencing on May 25th 2018 (GDPR), event organisers like Barnes Rock have to comply too.

From May 1st 2018, Barnes Rock (“BR”) will become The Barnes Rock Club.

Everyone on the Barnes Rock database as at 30th April 2018 is invited to become a member and the subscription is £1 per year. The membership year will be from June 1st to May 31st each year, but year 1 will commence on May 1st 2018 and last 13 months to May 31st 2019. Your £1 will be paid on your very first attendance at an event each year, so if that event is £10 at the door, you will pay for your entrance at only £9 and £1 will be for your annual subscription. There will be an at the door price for non-members at each event which will be slightly higher, £1 of which will be allocated to their annual subscription if they ask to become a member and provide their First Name, Last Name and eMail Address. New members will also be made aware of The Barnes Rock Club’s data policy.

In order to comply with GDPR, The Barnes Rock Club is obliged to tell you that the data held by The Barnes Rock Club for you is First Name, Last Name, eMail Address and that the Data Processor and Controller is Mark Staniszewski. The Barnes Rock Club may subsequently record your attendance at events and any musical preferences you may have. The Barnes Rock Club also knows when you first signed up to receive Barnes Rock information eMails and note that if a request to unsubscribe has been made by anyone, it has been implemented.

The Barnes Rock Club’s data retention policy under GDPR is to hold your data for ten years from May 1st 2018 unless you unsubscribe or at a future date reapply to become a member of The Barnes Rock Club at which point the ten years starts again. If, under GDPR, you want all data that The Barnes Rock Club holds about you to be deleted, please use the Contact Us form on to advise The Barnes Rock Club. If you are happy to just unsubscribe, then an unsubscribe link is available at the bottom of every eMail sent to you. This is then automatically done by MailChimp the email programme used by The Barnes Rock Club such that you will not receive further eMails from The Barnes Rock Club unless you reapply.