Dave And Phil Lusher

DaveLusherDave Lusher’s father was Don Lusher, well known trombonist, and his mother singer with The Lou Preager Band, inspiring both him and his brother to play music.  They started a band together when Dave was 15.
Dave was very much influenced by Jimi Hendrix.  He stood in for the guitarist in Pilot, famous for their hits in 1974,  “January” and “Ho Ho Ho It’s Magic”.  In 1976 he formed Ex-Directory and had a record deal with Shell Talmy who worked with the Kinks and The Who.  The band played together for 5 years.
Dave and his brother Phil continued to write music.  He then formed a band called Mirror with his former wife and her twin sister and had a record deal with Arista, going on to do the Eurovision Song Contest heats in 1983, coming second.
Dave has continued to be involved with music and various bands over the last 25 years and has just had a very successful reunion gig with Ex-Directory.